As a busy mother of two little boys, I was losing the battle to keep our two bedroom apartment from being taken over by toys, books, toddler clothes, and all the rest. That’s when Jodi showed up, got us organized, and won the war. She started by helping me reclaim our closets which had become unusably clogged with kid’s stuff—then moved on to bookshelves, toy bins, and clothes dressers. Jodi picked just the right combination of closet organizers and space savers—but she did more. She helped me prioritize what my boys needed on a daily basis, what they used infrequently, and what needed to go to storage, Goodwill, or the trash. This has been a liberating experience. With Jodi’s indispensable help, I’ve taken back control of my apartment. My place looks great, my head is clear, and I feel terrific. Thank you, Jodi!
—Patricia, NYC

It was amazing seeing you at work there and it was terrific watching all of the hundreds of boxes slipping carefully into place. I will certainly be passing your name along to others!
—Joshua Davis, Ascher Davis Architects, LLC

What a tremendous weight lifted off my shoulders… My home office is fabulous! My desk is now clear and completely organized. Everything has a place and I am so much more efficient now that I know where everything is and where it goes when I’m finished with it! Jodi, you’re a lifesaver. Thanks a million!
—Betsy, Working Mother, Larchmont

We are so happy with the work you did in our Hamptons house. It was a well oiled machine this summer!
—Christine, NYC

Most of the clutter in my house is because I do not seem to have the time to sort through the piles of papers that my children bring home from school. Also, they are growing out of a lot of their toys. My apartment has a lot of built-in cabinetry and closets, so I have gotten into the habit of piling everything behind closed doors to make my apartment look neat. After a few years of doing this, my closets had become a mess!

Jodi came to the rescue. She taught me to take everything out of a closet or cabinet and then sort through the belongings once they are all out in the room together. It really is the best way to reorganize—I had always thought I would go shelf by shelf. I definitely got overwhelmed when everything was spread out on my floor, but that is where Jodi came in. Calmly, she plowed on when I definitely felt done for the day. I could not have done it without her. Also, hiring Jodi to come to my house at specific times forced me to stop procrastinating and actually get to the cleaning that I had really meant to do ages ago. Jodi has an eye for what can fit perfectly in any space. She is sensitive to what may or may not be important for you to keep and to throw away. She is so patient and dives right in and stays focused on the task at hand until completion.

After we went through my children’ s toys closet, we moved on to the kitchen and she did wonders there as well. I never wanted her to leave, but when she did, my family and I definitely reaped the benefits of a clean, organized home. After re-organizing and de-cluttering the closet, my kids are able to go in there, find toys that they had stopped playing with, and are putting them back in the spaces allocated for them. Unbelievable!

With Jodi’ s help, I learned some management skills for averting future messes and now benefit from feeling in control of my belongings instead of the other way around.
—Julie, NYC

Clarity is exactly what Jodi attained for me and my family. We had just moved, had so many boxes to unpack, and needed all new systems to organize our home and our family. Jodi came in, assessed our needs, shopped for the perfect size baskets, drawer organizers, and storage bins. She came with her entire bag of tricks: label maker, rubber bands, files to match the accessories on my desk, and coded everything. Each time she came back we managed to unpack and find the perfect home for all of our “things.” I am quite certain that if I didn’t have Jodi around, my house would still be a shambles. She made our move seamless.
—Allyson, NYC