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Living in NYC for over 25 years, I’m quite familiar with clutter and chaos. As a student of art history, visuals and aesthetics are my passion. I spent nearly a decade of my career managing the organization of infomercials and magazines for prominent agencies. When I started my family I realized I could bring the many skills I honed in the corporate world to organizing home and work spaces. Thank you for trusting me to bring CLARITY from your closets to your kitchens and to every aspect of your daily lives to allow you to declutter, organize & breathe!


Christine, NYC

Vacation Home Project

Julie, NYC

Home Project

Allyson, NYC

Moving Project

We are so happy with the work you did in our Hamptons house. It was a well oiled machine this summer!

With Jodi’ s help, I learned some management skills for averting future messes and now benefit from feeling in control of my belongings instead of the other way around.

Clarity is exactly what Jodi attained for me and my family. We had just moved, had so many boxes to unpack, and needed all new systems to organize our home and our family. Jodi came in, assessed our needs, shopped for the perfect size baskets, drawer organizers, and storage bins. She came with her entire bag of tricks: label maker, rubber bands, files to match the accessories on my desk, and coded everything. Each time she came back we managed to unpack and find the perfect home for all of our “things.” I am quite certain that if I didn’t have Jodi around, my house would still be a shambles. She made our move seamless.



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