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"I never wanted her to leave, but when she did, my family and I definitely reaped the benefits of a clean, organized home. After re-organizing and de-cluttering the closet, my kids are able to go in there, find toys that they had stopped playing with, and are putting them back in the spaces allocated for them. Unbelievable!


With Jodi’ s help, I learned some management skills for averting future messes and now benefit from feeling in control of my belongings instead of the other way around."


Relocation & Renovation Services “Let’s Get Started”

This package is your boxing, unboxing and initial set up accomplished in two phases. Phase one is the basic pack, unpack and initial organizing to set up and ready for your day to day. Phase two is the more thoughtful approach - a review of organization, compartmental needs and aesthetics designed around daily, weekly and occasional activities.


Lifestyle & Decluttering 101 “Getting Down To Business”

It is a fact that decluttering your space brings Clarity and has been proven to improve one’s overall sense of well being. We meet with, listen to, key family members for an overall understanding of goals in your home. What are the key challenges and what works well? Then we present our solutions and implement the strategies, using the organizing containers customized for each space.


Refresh “I Can See Clearly  Now”

This update is grounded in Clarity. The focus is small, but significant changes, that maximize efficiency. We individualize systems for your specific needs to increase daily productivity; saving you time and money. Put an end to endless rummaging through papers, closets and cabinets and gain peace of mind.




Not seeing what you need in the services list? Contact Jodi for custom package pricing.

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